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What is the Government Gateway?

The Government Gateway is a website that you can use to register for online access to Government services. You can make transactions with various online Government services using the same user account,

We use the Government Gateway to authenticate our users - it's an extra level of security that helps us make sure your data us completely secure.

How do I start using this website?

If you're completely new to the self service website, you must do two things before you can start to use it.

1 - Register for the Government Gateway. If you already use the internet to claim Child Tax Credit, pay a parking fine or check your pension entitlement,it's likely that you are already registered with the Gateway.

2 - Once you're registered, you can see all the services available to enrol with. You'll need to find the Child Maintenance Service' and enrol with it, then you're free to use the site.

For more information you can visit the Government Gateway Website

What can I do on the self service website?

With the self service website, all the information you need to manage your child maintenance is in one place. You can make maintenance payments,update personal information and send us secure messages.

The site also gives you a history of all the communication between you and the Child Maintenance Service.