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Self-service website for employers

Welcome to the self-service website for employers. If you deduct child maintenance from your employees' earnings, you can manage your payments online here.

To access your organisation's self-service account online, we need to confirm your identity.

Government Gateway will soon be closing. If you've used Government Gateway in the past to sign in, you will soon be asked to sign in using your organisation's information. You can do this now by clicking the self-service link below.

It's quick and easy to do. All the information you need to manage and process deductions are in one place. This allows us to make sure your data is completely secure.

Sign in to your organisation's self-service account

You can sign in using your Employer Reference Number(s) and PAYE number(s).

Other ways to sign in

To sign in using Government Gateway, please click here.

If you are looking for the client site, you are in the wrong place

This site is for employers who manage their employees' child maintenance payments. If you are already a client of the Child Maintenance Service, go to the self-service site for clients.