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Help and frequently asked questions

If you've got any questions about how to use this website, you can find the answers here. Just scroll through our list of frequently asked questions or search to find the information you're looking for.

How can I contact you?

Visit our Contact us page to find the best way of getting in touch.

There's a problem with the site - who do I tell?

If you want to report an issue with the site, please go to the 'My messages' section and send us a message, setting the subject as 'Submit feedback'. If you're not logged in, you can contact us in another way.

Can I get information in another format or language?

You can request Braille or large print versions of all correspondence, forms and leaflets. We also have versions of standard leaflets on audio tape, CD and DVD.

We have a dedicated textphone number - see the Contact us page for more details of this service.

We also provide spoken language interpretation services for face-to-face and telephone communications.

To request information in an alternative format or language, please contact us.

What information do you hold about my company?

If you know what documents or information you require you may be able to get them by contacting us directly without the need to start our Freedom of Information process. For example, you may want a copy of a document held by a caseworker.

If you think this may apply to the information you want, please contact us

If we can't answer your request through the routes described above, you will need to make a Freedom of Information request. Please see our Information Charter for more information on how to do this.

Why should I use the self service website?

With the self service website, all the information you need to manage and process DEOs is in one place.

When you submit a schedule through the site, we can process the payments automatically. This keeps the process quick and simple and cuts the time you spend answering questions from us about any missing information

The site also gives you a history of all the communication between your company and us.

What does the self service site enable me to do?

With the self service website, all the information you need to manage and process DEOs is in one place. You can use it to:

- view the amounts you are due to deduct for specific employees
- complete an online schedule that details your actual deductions and the total payment - we recommend this for smaller companies with up to 10 DEOs
- upload a report produced by your payroll software
- view schedules and payments that you have made previously
- send and receive secure messages between your company and us
- keep a record all communications between your company and us
- tell us about changes in your company's addresses and contact details

What am I legally obliged to tell you?

Under child support law, it is a criminal offence if anyone required to provide information:
- fails to provide such information when requested to do so, without reasonable grounds or
- provides information, or knowingly causes or allows information to be provided, that they know to be false.

If a court finds you guilty of the criminal offence outlined above, you can be fined up to £1,000.

You are also legally required to implement a DEO where we instruct you to do so. It is a criminal offence if you fail to comply with this requirement, and a court may fine you up to £500 for each DEO payment missed.

What is the Employer Reference Number (ERN)?

Your company's Employer Reference Number (ERN) is a unique 12 digit number that we give to each employer. We include your ERN on all the communications we send you. Please make sure you use it every time you write or talk to us too, so we know who you are.

We treat different PAYE numbers as different companies. This means that if you have offices with different PAYE numbers, then each office will have a different ERN. As a result, you will need to enrol for the self service website separately for each PAYE number.

If you have several ERNs, we'll ask you which one you want to use each time you log in.

I am processing DEOs for several companies. How do I access the self service website for more than one company?

If you're an accountant or payroll bureau, remember that the site doesn't provide the facility to process payments for multiple companies. You will need to produce the schedule report using your payroll software and send this to the employer to submit using their own self service account.

How do you calculate the protected earnings amount?

The protected earnings proportion is 60 per cent of your employee's normal net earnings in each pay period. This means that you must always leave them with at least 60 per cent of the earnings they receive in any given pay period.

You can take the administration charge even if it comes from this remaining 60 per cent.

How safe is my company's information?

The information in this site has been secured according to UK government security policies. The security policies are continually reviewed, and the site assessed against them. The site uses an HTTPS connection to limit the ability of unauthorised third parties to intercept the connection. It is still your responsibility to make sure your details are secure and to use the site in a safe environment. This means not writing your details down and taking care when using the site in a public place.

What happens if I fail to collect a DEO from an employee?

You have a legal obligation to collect the money due from your employee and pass it us. Failure to do this can result in legal action being taken against you, and a court may fine you up to £500 for each DEO payment you miss.

If you've missed a payment, please contact us and we'll help you sort it out.